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TRAINING Curriculum

  • Introduce to different types of tools available in MATLAB
  • Basics of MATLAB programming/Simulink.
  • Designing of Simple circuits in Simulink
  • Steady State Space Analysis of RLC Circuits
  • Power Systems
    1. Generation/Transmission/Distribution/Protection
    2. HVAC/HVDC
    3. Distributed Generation
    4. Modeling of Facts Devices in Simulink/Matlab
    5. Distributed Generation


  • Power Electronics

    1. Uncontrollable/controllable Converters
    2. Various PWM Techniques (PWM/SPWM/SVPWM/DPWM/GDPWM)
    3. Multilevel Inverters
    4. Harmonics, Active/Passive Filters DC to DC converters(Buck/Buck Boost/Cuk/Sepic)
    5. DC to DC converters(Buck/Buck Boost/Cuk/Sepic)
    6. Fuzzy/Neural Networks


  • Electrical Drives and Machines

    1. Basic Concepts of Motor
    2. AC/DC motors
    3. Modeling of Induction Motors
    4. Electrical Drive
    5. Various speed controlling techniques of AC/DC motors
    6. Fuzzy/Neural Networks.


LAB-1   (Introduction to all Simulation tools and explanation about tools )


LAB-2    (Rectifiers models designing)
LAB-2     (Inverters And VSI design)
LAB-1    ( dc-dc ,dynamic load ,full wave rectifier)
LAB-2    ( different ,H-bridge circuits)
LAB-3    ( single phase line, PWM inverter)
LAB-4    ( six pulse hvdc, steady state analysis)
LAB-5    ( transient  analysis, three phase thyristor)
LAB-6    ( use of surge arresters, Variable Inductance modeling)


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