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Composite material analysis on a car door by the material E-Glass Epoxy & S-2 Glass Epoxy.
Drop test analysis of industrial helmet used for Mining Industrial standards
Shape optimization of a two wheeler suspension for pipe type and rectangular cross sections
Design evaluation and optimization of a nozzle used in diesel engine
Design evaluation of medical wheel chair.
Design evaluation of a ceiling fan blade for Rolax company
CFD analysis of a blower outer casing.
Coupled field analysis of a chimney used in cement industry
Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads
Effect of tool feed rate in single point diamond turning of Aluminum 6061 alloy.
Composite material analysis of a driven shaft for variable speeds
Design, modeling and manufacturing of a heat treatment tray for 7mm dia and 30mm height nozzle.
Transient thermal analysis of a Diesel Engine Out let Bi metal valve for open and closed conditions.
Contact analysis of a cam and follower in two wheeler.
Design of connecting rod of internal combustion Engine by a Topology optimization approach.
Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when milling austenised and quenched bearing steel with ceramic and H.S.S cutting tool.
Stress analysis of overarm or ram used in milling machine
Design optimization of a two wheeler suspension frame by E-glass Epoxy and Aluminum MMC
Drop simulation and material optimization of USB flash drive
Mono Composite leaf Spring for light Weight Vehicle-Design
Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in drilling of Mild steel, Aluminum 7475 by using HSS drill bit
Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in milling of EN 26 and H.D.S
Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when turning austenised and quenched bearing steel with ceramics and HSS(M30)
Modeling and analysis of connecting rod of four stroke single cylinder engine for optimization of cost & material
Profile modification and Validation of spur gear to increase the tooth strength
Analysis of Effect of clearance between the blades in shearing operations.
Stress analysis and design failure rectification of a connecting rod by FEA
Design evaluation of a heavy vehicle chassis by using materials E- Glass Epoxy & S-2 Glass Epoxy.
Connecting Rod Optimization for Weight and Cost Reduction
Structural Analysis of milling bed due to cutting forces
Optimization of a material flow time for plastic component by design evaluation
Fatigue analysis of diesel engine connecting rod using metal aluminum matrix reinforced with boron carbide.
Structural Analysis of column used in shaping machine.
Design optimization of the 150cc engine valve by Ti MMC.
Non linear dynamic analysis of crankshaft used in two wheeler
Design and Material optimization of cam shaft in 150cc engine
Design & validation of 220cc oil cooled engine cylinder head by LM12, LM13, LM14.
Design and Analysis of cylinder and Cylinder head of 4-Stroke SI Engine for weight reduction
Design validation and buckling analysis of the MAG wheel for straight and slant spokes
Analysis of spindle in milling machine
Stress analysis and reducing stress of connecting rod of Nissan SUNNY Engine by the Finite Element Method
Analysis of drilling bed due to torque and thrust
Design & load calculations for auditorium & duct design for central air conditioning
Design evaluation of a material handling crane channel assembly used in workshop
Impact analysis on a frameless chassis construction of mini bus for variable speeds
Design evaluation of a heavy vehicle chassis for composite materials IM 7 Fiber &      997 Epoxy for optimum load conditions
Design evaluation of a two wheeler suspension system for variable load conditions
Design and material optimization of two wheeler rocker arm
Design validation of 220cc oil cooled engine cylinder head
Analysis of column used in drilling machines subjected to axial forces
Optimization of high speed turning parameters of Superalloy Inconel 718 material using Taguchi technique
Parametric Design & Design validation of support Structure for 25ton Crane used in moulding industry
Fatigue analysis of crankshaft in two wheeler for the material nickel chromium steel.
Assembly analysis of a gear train of a gear box
Process and die design for square tube extrusion
Analysis of arbor holding the cutting tool in a milling machine
Non linear analysis of diesel engine connecting rod
Analysis of column due to cutting forces in milling machine
Thermo – Mechanical stresses in Twin – Roll Casting of Aluminum Alloys
Analysis of center lathe headstock side due to tangential force, feed force and thrust force
Analysis of spindle due to torque and thrust during drilling
Analysis of bed used in shaping machine
Non linear Structural analysis of two wheeler piston
Design evaluation of two wheeler piston using aluminum metal matrix composite (MMC)
Failure analysis on diesel engine connecting rod due to repeated stresses
Effect of Impacting on tier and MAG wheel of a two wheeler for the moderate speeds
Buckling analysis of crankshaft used in two wheeler for maximum load conditions
Assembly analysis of crank, connecting rod, piston
Design evaluation of a two wheeler out let valve for 180cc engine
Analysis of center lathe tailstock side due to tangential force, feed force and thrust force
Analysis of radial arm used in drilling machines
Transient and thermal analysis of an exhaust manifold
Fatigue analysis of a multi plate clutch
Mechanical analysis of deformation of tube drawing process
Analysis and part life estimation of a foot rest
Fatigue analysis of Diesel engine piston by using composite aluminum metal matrix composite. (MMC)
Analysis of centre lathe bed due to forces received through head stock, tail stock and saddle
Design and optimization of a punching machine fly wheel
Thermo – mechanical Coupled Simulation for Hot Continuous Rolling of Large – Diameter Mandrel Bar
Design evaluation of a four cylinder petrol engine crank shaft using materials manganese steel and Aluminum matrix reinforced with boron carbide
Design evaluation of a camshaft used in multi cylinder engine using materials forged steel and Aluminum alloy
Assembly analysis of a single plate clutch
Analysis of ram used in shaping machine due to friction forces
Strengthening car bumper in load bearing direction by using material Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer IM7
Buckling analysis of an inlet & outlet valve of a 800cc car
Design & analysis of support hinge for 25ton Crane
Design Evaluation of flywheel used in petrol engine car for variable torque load
Fatigue analysis of a roller bearing used in two wheeler wheel
Design and analysis of spur gear used in a reciprocating compressor
Impact test on motorcycle helmet for different angles of impact using FEA
Influences of tool pin profile and welding speed on the formation of friction stir processing zone in AA2219 aluminum alloy
Implicit finite element study of non – steady effects in cold roll forming
Non-Linear Finite Element Method Simulation and Modeling of the Cold and Hot Rolling Processes
Design and analysis of multi layer pressure vessel
Deformation analysis of extrusion of billets determined by the conditions of lubrication
Mechanical analysis of dies used in closed die forging to reduce defects
Elasto Plastic Deformation Process of Cold Rolling
Aero Thermodynamic Analysis and Design of a Rolling Piston Engine
Design of a car air conditioning system based on an absorption refrigeration cycle using energy from exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Plate-Fin-And-Tube Condenser Performance and Design for Air-Conditioner


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