Academic Projects

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What do you mean by the term “Academic Projects”?

Apart from having fun and blasts during college days, students also have to effectively accomplish their college level projects. These projects, carried out on a basic or preliminary level, are known as Academic Projects. Such projects are generally the first step towards getting acquainted to the real time processes of the actual engineering industry. Being thorough with learning and training is a must, when you work on such academic level projects.


What Are The Advantages Of Academic Projects?

If you come down to count the advantages of Academic Projects, there is not one but many.

  • Academic Projects offers a brilliant environment for the sole purpose of discussing technical projects, research works and applications which will be beneficial for one and all.
  • The research works carried out at industry level are initiated at institute level, by students and their teaching faculties. And, the real time projects developed at college level by students are put to applications at industry level. Academic Projects thus provides a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and efforts, from which the industry and institutes could mutually benefit.
  • Besides, Academic Projects also offers opportunities for B.E. and M.C.A. graduates, from all over the country, to come and become a part of several long term projects that are carried out at campus level across India.
  • Most of these projects are sponsored by the industry and when completely developed, these projects are picked up by the industry for real time application. Students and mentors behind such successful projects are recognized at the industry level and become a part of the talent based recruitment process of renowned multinational companies. Thus, though indirectly, but Academic Projects does help students build a great career.


Who is Academic Projects for?

Academic Projects is a result of the hard efforts and innovative brains of a group of Engineers. Developed by engineers, this site is initially going to be a platform, solely of the engineers and for the engineers. Students, mentors coming from engineering background and companies dealing with engineering products and services are most welcome to our organization. They all can find space to connect and start a forum for discussion of technical projects. But this is just for the time being. As and when we grow, this website will probably be expanded to serve persons and communities from fields other than engineering as well.


so for  the list of projects plz visit :-

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