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SS Educationals


This organization is mainly started for the welfare of students who are pursuing or passed out their graduation & post graduation, intermediate or any other course.


  • To give proper knowledge on the prevailing technologies in the market.
  • Providing internships.
  • Projects (mini or major)[graduation & post graduation students]

WE CAN PROVIDE INHOME COURSES FOR ANY OF THE TOPIC OR STREAM CHOOSEN BY THE COLLAGE. For any information about package and additional courses training pleases mail to our id or call we will give you the complete details. This is just given as an example. We also conduct workshops on latest technologies and software languages in the collage premises and the topics are chosen by the management interests. For this we take a lot of care on the profile of the person who is giving the seminar. We take a minimum consideration that he maintains a huge profile in the market.

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